All That You Should Know About Pronzy Scheme And Why Schneider Laurie Scheme Is A Great Option

By schneiderlauriescheme - November 17th, 2011, 17:14, Category: General

Any investment operation that is ultimately proven to be fraudulent and offers profits to its investors returns from the money that is paid by the subsequent investors or from their own money rather than any profit that has been earned by the organization or the individual running the operation. The Ponzi scheme is used to con the new investors by offering them higher returns than what they actually invest, in the form of abnormally high or unusually consistent returns. In order to keep the scheme running, more and more people have to be brought in and conned, thus this policy is advertised to the masses. This kind of a system is destined to crash someday as there will be a situation when earnings are less than the profits made by getting new investors, or when the government officials suspect something and carry out any investigation over the company. Schneider Laurie scheme is one such Pronzy scheme.

Schneider Laurie scheme was propagated by Schneider Laurie, a world class photographer who is probably one of the most reputed photographers of her time and has won many laurels. Laurie Schneider has attained a specialization in weddings, animals, portraiture and fine arts for over two decades. Her passion for the beauty of the natural word has been her driving force and she promotes environmental awareness all around the world. In spite of all her laurels, Laurie Schneider is undeniably true. It is an unquestionable fact that she is one of the best photographers in the world of her time, and probably the most reputed too. Schneider Laurie Scheme was all about fraudulent investments made by investors in a Pronzy Scheme that involves buying and selling of real estate property that doesn’t even exist. Over 50 victims were conned using this scheme. According to the Trustee of the Court of US Bankruptcy assigned to the case, there has been a total damage of 30 million dollars.



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